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Aida, 58 years old, married with two sons and two daughters.  Her project journey started 20 years ago, right after the death of her father in law and her husband’s travel.

She was forced to take the full responsibility of handling the cattle breeding project as well as raising and educating her children whom are now all married.  She managed the project successfully, generating sufficient profit that helped her build a house for her two sons in the same building she lives in.

Aida faced financial problems that led to the selling of many of her cattle and obliged her to find a source of income to overcome her liquidity shortage.  She got to know Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation in 2014 and applied for her first group loan that was worth LE 1,500. She managed to buy food needed for her cattle.

Her current individual loan is worth LE 25,000 which enabled her to expand her project and buy more cattle which are a total of 50 cattle. Among them, 40% females who will give birth within a month or two at most and the remaining 60% are male which she plans to sell during the Adha Biaram since it is the highest season to earn more profit.

She advises any woman who faces financial difficulties to start a project even by buying only one goat and God will support her. She also advises any woman if she does not have enough liquidity to apply for a loan from Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation. She added that one has to take care of the cattle hygiene and vaccination and buy their food such as corn, hay and clover during the cheap season and store it.

Aida’s dream is to save up and go with her husband to “Umrah” which is an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca.