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Nisreen proudly started talking about her project because of what she has achieved during her journey.

Nisreen, 40 years old, mother of a 13-year-old son. Being a divorced woman, did not hinder her from being one of the successful women in the society but it was a motive to start her own project which is a houseware shop. Although she was young and did not have much experience, she was able to be committed and managed her project with the support of her uncle.

She started by selling her gold jewelry to be as a source of fund to buy goods for her project. Later on, in 2019, she took an individual loan of EGP 15,000 from Al Tadamun Microfinance foundation to develop her project. Despite the COVID crisis, which caused many merchants to stumble, she was steadfast in the market because of her unique products and her outstanding management skills. After that, she took another loan from Al Tadamun in 2020 with an amount of EGP 20,000 to increase her supply of goods. She was able to achieve high profits because she was able to gain the trust of her clients.  In 2021, she took another Loan from Al Tadamun with an amount of EGP 20,000 in order to expand her project. Nisreen prefers dealing with Al Tadamun as it provides her with many benefits, the most important of which is the repayment every 35 days so this is a sufficient period to save her installment.

Nisreen chose this project only because she believes that women are more understanding of consumers’ tastes and demands for household items since most of the clients are women in addition to its rewarding profit that reaches sometimes up to 40%.  Also, this project has high capital turnover, even in recessions, it may be compensated by offering range of supplies for brides who are preparing her new home with all houseware needed.

She buys wholesale merchandise from factories or importers from Cairo and Damietta and sells them in cash or in the short term to make it easier for her customers.

Nisreen dreamed of having another place to sell appliances and saying, “I wish I could see my son in the highest positions.”