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  اقتصادنا المصدر بزنس إيليت بنوك 24 الطلائع نيوز عالم المال بروبرتي بلس أموال الغد سي نيوز كابيتال نيوز الاقتصادي نيوز العالم اليوم اقتصادنا الأموال جيل الغد فين تيك جيت ايكونومي نيوز العقارية تواصل 24 ايجي انتربيرنر بلوم جيت الميزان نيوز خليجيون دار الهلال رجال المال مصراوي استثمار عربي ايجي ايكونومي الوطن نيوز أرقام الشهبندر …

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Our Core Values

  • Trust - To ensure that the services to our clients are not unethical nor deceptive. In providing our services including lending and collection of dues, we are committed to fair practices, which balance respect for client’s dignity and an understanding of a client’s vulnerable situation.

  • Integrity - To provide low-income clients – women and men – and their families, with access to financial services that are client focused and designed to enhance their well-being, and are delivered in a manner that is ethical, dignified, transparent, equitable and cost effective.

  • Transparency - to convey complete and accurate information to clients regarding all products and services offered, creating awareness and enabling clients and all stakeholders to understand the information provided.

  • Credibility - To ensure quality services to clients, appropriate to their needs, and delivered efficiently in a convenient and timely manner, maintaining high standards of professionalism based on honesty, non-discrimination and client centricity.

  • Respect - To interact with the clients in an acceptable language and dignified manner and spare no efforts in fostering clients’ confidence and long-term relationship, maintaining decency and decorum during any interaction with the client, scrupulously avoiding any demeanor that would suggest any kind of threat or violence.

  • Belonging - The atmosphere at Al Tadamun is crucial to our unique way of operating, and we consider all of our employees as part of Al Tadamun family. We reward our staff for hard work by incorporating a policy of recruitment from within and career potential to all our staff. Through internal partnership within Al Tadamun, and in our relationships with Clients and Stakeholders; we believe that the value of a team is far greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Social Responsibility - We believe that high standards of governance, participation, management and reporting are critical to our mission to serve our clients and to uphold core social values, demonstrating an open-minded approach to understanding our clients and their needs regardless of their gender, age, race, national origin, religion, ethnicity, disability status, or other characteristics; treating all clients fairly and consistently.