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In order to protect its clients and to combat the recent phenomenon of the spread of the brokers in the recent period within the microfinance sector, a training program, “From Al Tadamun to Client, Without a Broker” over two days in El Ein  Elsokhna  was offered to Al Tadamun employees.

The session took place from 19th February to 20 February at Stella de Mare resort where over than 1000 employees participated, on top of them Dr. Mona Zulficar- President of the Board of Al Tadamun.

On the sidelines of this training, the Employees of the Year 2018 and the Employees of Al Tadamun who spent 15,10,5 years of service, as well as distinguished clients and employees of the organization who won the annual Zulficar Awards for 2018, were honored.