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Al Tadamun participated in the second annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) forum that was held in Ritz Carlton Hotel, Cairo on 3-4 May 2016. The forum was organized by CSR Egypt in coordination with Terous Misr under patronage of Ministry of Social Solidarity, Ministry of International Cooperation, Ministry of Industry & Trade and Ministry of planning Follow-up and Administrative Reform. Its purpose is unifying the efforts of the private sector and civil society organizations that have a goal to achieve in a specific time. The opening speech was presented by Mr. Hatem Khater, founder of Terous Misr, Dr. Ahmed Darwish Chairman of the Suez Canal Economic Zone and Mr. Hassan Mostafa Chairman of CSR Egypt.

The two-day event was attended by more than 750 companies’ representatives and experts in the field of social responsibility in order to exchange ideas and submit innovative solutions to develop the society and fulfill their needs. Corporate, NGOs, academics, professionals and students participated in the event as an opportunity for seeking partnerships, explore more ways to develop more strategic CSR initiatives and engage with experts to find more meaningful ways to create value for both the business and respective communities.

Attending the event was a benefit for Al Tadamun to get introduced to its targets including the government entities, other local NGOs, international NGOs and the private sector. This helps in expanding our network with stakeholders which could create future partnership opportunities.