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This is what the mother told her daughter one night. The daughter did not realize her mother’s advice, but she learn it by heart. This same assisted daughter came to help her father in a small shop in a small town called ” Cendion” where a young man fell in love with her and decided to marry her.
Abeer, 25, married with two young children, learned from her mother the art of sewing at the age of ten. When she got married, she decided to start a project that she could manage from home and after her products came to her liking, she decided to work in crochet and learned from one of her neighbors and how to make plastic covers for household appliances such as: washing machine covers, refrigerators, microwave and more.
In 2014, she heard about Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation from her neighbors and she took a loan worth 1,250 EGP to buy some material to assist her neighbor in producing plastic covers. In 2016, she decided to take a loan worth 2,500 EGP to increase her crochet product, in 2017, she took another loan worth 3,500 EGP to buy material because demands on her product had increased and then she decided to take a loan worth 4,000 EGP. Her net profit is around 30% of her production.
She participated in one of the local exhibitions with Al Tadamun during February 2018.
Abeer is currently in her last year at the faculty of art, Benha university. She dreams to own leather brand in the future.