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Egyptian women have shown success in various fields, despite their achievements at various levels, whether they are employees or have their own project, did not abandon their role as a mother to succeed in raising future generations and caring for their families and husbands at the same time.

Amira is a model of a woman who is on the road to success with great care to deserve the title of a dedicated mother with a degree of entrepreneurship. She has her own project, which she started from scratch, and despite her success in her own work, she has succeeded in raising children and caring for the household.
She is a 35-year-old married woman six years ago and the mother of two boys with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from a high institute. Her certificate has been supported by a special artistic talent since childhood. Amira came up with a creative approach and used her fine taste in the selection of colors to recycle her accessories and old clothes and eventually to design a new fashionable line. It is characterized by modernity and bright colors using an old knitting machine owned by her mother located on the dining table. Times has passed and her wide imagination led her to bringing joy to the buyers. She said: “I felt that there was an unmet need for shopping, that is, designing household accessories to celebrate many seasons and occasions in Egypt such as the birth of the prophet, the holy month of Ramadan and the new year”. Amira expanded her trade by the frequent visits to Al Darb Al Ahmar and the gates of the Metwalli by buying many materials such as khayameyyah and colored beads.

Amira has created various handmade products professionally crafted, from women’s accessories to special merchandise which she independently distributes to the shops of Boulaq such as table clothes, lanterns, cushions with vivid colors and special designs suitable for the many occasions.
Amira was introduced to Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation from her friends and she applied for a group loan in 2018 with the amount of EGP 3000 to purchase many materials. She raised the standards of her livelihood and relying on herself believing in the notion of the success of the homemade product, which guarantees the free will and gives it greater motivation towards freedom. Eventually, Amira started on improving the social status of her family. Her eldest son is enrolled in a private school with high expenses to provide him with an amount of education that she did not receive. She also stood next to her husband to obtain a bachelor’s degree instead of the institute’s certificate.
Amira explained that what distinguishes the successful person is the extent of her inner strength and self-appreciation in addition to the blessings surrounding her and the ability to face the challenges and difficulties, in addition to the need to accept the defects thus living in harmony with the environment.
Amira dreams of buying embroidery machines and launches a special brand for her goods that she calls Kawkab Al Sharq