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She is not an ordinary woman you meet daily. She has neither muscles nor an iron shield. She is shining with glittery hope of today’s will be a better day. She has the guts to refuse a status quo, oppression and community pressure. Nadia has an infused smile in her pleasant personality.
Nadia 53 married with five children in addition to fostering a girl. A tanned face that can narrate her years of suffering and rough wounded palms marking her tough 35 years journey in selling sun dried dyed flowers
“I was an orphan who never went to school. I got married at an early age. Due to unforeseen deteriorated financial circumstances, I had to give financial support to my family. I have begun with selling baskets and trays (meshana) made of straw (tamr Hennah) all over Cairo. Later on, with god’s guidance, I met a person who introduced to me the idea of drying flowers and blossoms since I live surrounded by vast planted fields. No one taught me the process of colors combination and dyeing the flowers. Nevertheless, with perseverance and strong will, I became an expert in coloring chemistry”
Nadia’s well-established reputation helped her getting suppliers from Lower to Upper Egypt. She got clients from several governorates such as Cairo, Ismailia, Portsaid and Alexandria.
In 2017, she visited Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation branch in Toukh, applied for an Individual loan and received 10 k. This loan made her project expand as she bought more material, and pay all her dues to traders. “Al Tadamun brought me good fortune; I became richer and bought for the first time gold accessories.” When asked about her keys of success, Nadia explained that it just needed dedication, seriousness and passion to work. “I wake up in the sun rise to prepare the necessary dyes and direct young peasant to pick the right flowers from the field. “I like my specialization and will never quit it, it helped me own a big house and support my kids to get married and continue their education” she said with teary tired eyes.
“I love being surrounded by peasant whom I do my best to help and I never wait for sympathy. I hope that my children inherit this business and keep my project grow within the family”
“I advise every woman to look for her inner point of strengths and build on it and never be a quitter for bad financials. Be the source of happiness to your family.”