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Al Tadamun provides financial tools and resources that support underprivileged women in Egypt

We at Al Tadamun remain committed to increasing access to the financial tools and resources that underprivileged women need to achieve economic and security and prosperity for themselves and their families.

Al Tadamun
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Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation started in 1996 as a Group Guaranteed Lending and Saving pilot project developed by the Egyptian field office of Save the Children USA, in partnership with the Women’s Health Improvement Association (WHIA), BY 1998, the GGLS program has developed beyond the pilot phase, which encouraged the Save the children using private source of funding, to expand to the neighbourhoods to Imbaba, Abdeen, Dar Elslalam . The project was designed to meet the needs of underprivileged Egyptian women micro-entrepreneur for a source of finance to set up, sustain and expand projects, thus generating more income for their families, To increase the income of women micro-entrepreneurs in the various governorates in Egypt to improve their quality of life through providing access to responsible, sustainable and diversified financial services that suit their needs.



In July 2003, the three branches were merged as a partnership between save the children's Egyptian Field Office and WHIA into a fully autonomous program. The program was renamed ALTadamun Microfinance Program running under the legal umbrella of WHIA.



Al Tadamun became an independent foundation under the legal umbrella of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, under number 573 in March, 22, 2009 in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 84 of 2002 and its implementing regulations.


OBTAINED A LICENSE FROM FRA (Financial Regulatory Authority)

Al Tadamun came under the supervision of Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA ), in accordance with the microfinance law no. 141 of 2014. During October 2015 Al Tadamun obtained the license no. 1117 for practicing microfinance.


To become every Egyptian woman’s address for micro financial services


To increase the income of women micro-entrepreneurs in the various governorates in Egypt to improve their quality of life through providing access to responsible, sustainable and diversified financial services that suit their needs


  1. Increase outreach to achieve a higher market share and deeper penetration.
  2. Maintain a competitive edge in the market through continuous improvement for our Customer care.
  3. Develop institutional capacity to continue delivering high quality services in a sustainable and efficient manner

There is a real need for more financial services tailored for women in addition to elevating the financial knowledge level which will directly alleviate unemployment, poverty and illiteracy rate

Mona Zulficar
The President

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Welcome to Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation

One of the pleasures of life is seeing unprivileged women in Egypt with enough strength and willpower to build a better future for their families. What they lacked before was just the opportunity, nothing more.

When women become change makers and partake in investment and expenditure decisions of the household, access to a better quality of life will surely be opened and an overall financial status will be secured.

Since 1996, Al Tadamun Microfinance has been designing financial products tailored to the needs of lower-income entrepreneur women in Egypt to bring financial inclusion and unleash their own capacity.

Can we then bring to reality the old dream of helping to eradicate poverty from Egypt after all?

Mona Zulficar
The President

Our Core Values

  • Trust

    Since our clients trusted us to use our services, we are committed to ensure that our services to our clients are not unethical and deceptive. In providing our services including lending and collection of dues, we are committed to fair practices, which balance respect for client’s dignity and an understanding of a client’s vulnerable situation.

  • Integrity

    To provide low-income clients - women and men - and their families, with access to financial services that are client focused and designed to enhance their well-being, and are delivered in a manner that is ethical, dignified, transparent, equitable and cost effective.

  • Transparency

    To provide complete and accurate information to clients regarding all products and services offered, creating awareness and enable clients and all other stakeholders to understand the Information provided with respect to financial services offered and availed.

  • Credibility

    To ensure quality services to clients, appropriate to their needs, and delivered efficiently in a convenient and timely manner, maintaining high standards of professionalism based on honesty, non-discrimination and client centricity.

  • Respect

    To interact with the clients in an acceptable language and dignified manner and spare no efforts in fostering clients’ confidence and long-term relationship, maintaining decency and decorum during any interaction with the client, scrupulously avoiding any demeanour that would suggest any kind of threat or violence.

  • Belonging

    The atmosphere at Al Tadamun is crucial to our unique way of operating, and we consider all of our employees as part of Al Tadamun family. We reward our staff for hard work by incorporating a policy of recruitment from within and career potential to all our staff. Through internal partnership within Al Tadamun, and in our relationships with Clients and Stakeholders; we believe that the value of a team is far greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Social Responsibility

    We believe that high standards of governance, participation, management and reporting are critical to our mission to serve our clients and to uphold core social values, demonstrating an open-minded approach to understanding our clients and their needs regardless of their gender, age, race, national origin, religion, ethnicity, disability status, or other characteristics; treating all clients fairly and consistently.

President of the Board

Mona Zulficar

Managing Director
Zulficar & Partners Law Firm
President of the Egyptian Microfinance Federation

Al Tadamun Board of Trustees


Issam Mohamed El-Adawi

Management Consultant

Board Member

Hanaa El Helaly

Managing Director and Board Member of Amwal Financial Investments and Pioneers Holding Group

Board Member

Nevine Badr El Din

Head of the Central Sector for Microfinance The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency, MSMEDA

Board Member

Tarek Makeen

MIS Advisor

It has been a milestone year for Al Tadamun; we have made significant headway. From a financial perspective, the foundation has sustained its growth and financial outreach, reaching a total network of 71 branches in 12 governorates by the end of 2019

Reham Farouk
Chief Executive Officer

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Welcome to Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the world of Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation. Here you will find a comprehensive, in-depth review of our foundation, reflecting the pride of more than 2,000 nationwide employees take in our ongoing growth and current success. It also conveys our sense of mission and vision—to become the market leader in the microfinance industry in Egypt.

Today, change is the name of the game. Our clients’ markets are evolving rapidly. Sustainability is often the incentive, driving demand for better and more integrated financial products.

Since the Foundation’s establishment in 1996, Al Tadamun has sought to adapt quickly to clients’ needs. Our values of trust, integrity, transparency, credibility, respect, belonging and social responsibility as the relentless driving force for sustainable growth. Consequently, the number of active clients has been steadily boosted as well as the portfolio. Thus far, Al Tadamun has served more than 1.9 million clients and disbursed a total of EGP 6 billion across 14 governorates in Egypt.

Visiting our website will let you discover our commitment to the prosperity of the Egyptian community where we live and work; how we support lower-income women nationwide through our products, benefits and the friendly environment across branches.

As you browse through this website, you will get a sense of the compassion, expertise and reliability that helps us fulfill our goals.

Reham Farouk
Chief Executive Officer

Al Tadamun Senior Management Team

Hala Ali

Finance Director

Graduating from the Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration, Helwan University in 1985, she worked for the Egyptian Kuwaiti Engineer Office in Egypt. She held the position of Accountant for four years. In 1989 she worked as Accountant at National Agricultural Research Project, NARP, a USAID-funded project in Egypt. During 1994 she joined Save the Children – USA – Egypt Field Office as Senior Accountant. She was then posted in 1999 by Save the Children in their office in Jordan as Finance and Administration Manager for three months. During the same year, she held the position of Chief Accountant at NGO Service Center, a USAID-funded project. Since 2001 until present, she has been working as Finance and Administration Director at Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation in Egypt. Throughout her career, she participated in various training programs locally, regionally and internationally, such as the Boulder Program, CGAP Microfinance Business Planning Program, and Sun System Accounting Package.

Engy Essam

IT Director

Graduating from the Faculty of Engineering, Computer Dept, Ain Shams University in Cairo in 2001, she joined the Information Technology Institute Program and completed the System Software Development Diploma in 2002, thus becoming a certified trainer at IBM Egypt. In January 2004, she joined Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation as MIS Officer. In 2009, she got promoted to become IT Director. In addition, she attended numerous local and international microfinance training courses and MIS TOT courses.

Reham Farouk

Chief Executive Officer

Graduating from the American University in Cairo, AUC, majoring in Business Administration with high honors in 1997, she started her career as a Local Counterpart Consultant for Technopolis – UK. She then held the position of Financial Manager for the Private Sector Development Program, PSDP, an EU-funded project in Egypt. She obtained her Master’s Degree of Business in Administration (MBA) from AUC in 2000. During the same year, she joined Save the Children – USA-Egypt Field Office as Project Officer. Throughout 2001, she was a freelance consultant for CARE-Egypt as well as The Egyptian Small and Medium Enterprises Association (ESMA). Starting 2003 and up till now, she has been certified as a Trainer, Master Trainer, and Resource Person for numerous training courses including Product Development, Delinquency Management and Interest Rate Setting, Making Microfinance Work, and Operational Risk Management at Sanabel, the Microfinance Network of the Arab Countries. In addition, she is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development/UK. Since 2001 until present, she has been working as Chief Executive Officer of Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation. She was recently appointed on the Board of Trustees of Sanabel the Microfinance Network of Arab Countries as Vice President.

Hatem Arabi

Operations Director

Graduating from the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University in 1990, Hatem has over 24 years of experience in the fields of accounting, credit and microfinance. He worked as an accountant and legal auditor. He then joined in 1995 a microfinance institution by the name of the Egyptian Society for Small Enterprise Development, ESED for five years. In 1999 he joined Bahgat Group for eight years. He then joined Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation in 2007 where he held a number of positions such as branch manager, area manager and project manager where he was responsible for launching a range of new products for the organization. This required developing market studies, and understanding clients’ needs. In 2017 he got promoted to become Operations Director and is responsible for the expansion plan of the organization to the Arab Republic of Egypt. He managed in two years to increase the number of branches within the organization from 20 branches to 41 branches.

Noha Elsayed

Marketing & Communications Director

Graduating with a BA degree in Mass Communications from the American University in Cairo, in 1992, she has worked for the European Union, USAID, UNDP and consulting firms in Egypt and the UK. Throughout her career, she has been in close cooperation with a powerful network of business related private sector companies, ministries, government agencies, NGOs, donor agencies operating in Egypt and media experts in the Arab region. In 2011, she joined Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation as Marketing & Communications Director.

Mohamed Safwat

HR Director

Graduating from the Faculty of Alsson, English Literature, Ain Shams University in 1982, he joined Ministry of Communications in Saudi Arabia as a translator till 1996. He then joined Save the Children / USA Egypt Country Office – Cairo Branch as HR and Administration Manager till 2008. He attended numerous local and international training courses in Human Resources. Safwat joined Al Tadamun in 2008 to be its Personnel Manager.

Ahmed El Malky

Internal Audit Manager

Graduating from the Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration, majoring in accounting, English Section, Helwan University in 2005, Ahmed joined KPMG Hazem Hassan Public Accountants & Consultant in 2006 until 2015 where he held an number of positions such as auditor and Supervising Senior. During his nine years in the organization, Ahmed gained experience in reviewing and evaluating the internal control system, preparing audit program, reviewing and auditing financial statement as well as preparing management letters including the related observation and recommendation and audit reports. He then joined Handicap International in 2015 until 2016 as Finance Supervisor. He later joined the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority-NGOs Microfinance Supervisory Unit in 2016 until 2017 as Specialist Supervisory and Analyst. His role included inspection and auditing on NGOs (offsite / onsite), analyzing financial statements and other data from NGOs and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations according to law no.141. In July 2017 until to-date, he joined Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation as Internal Audit Manager. Throughout his career, Ahmed has participated in various training courses such as accounting standards, audit standards, financial analysis and managing microfinance performance managing for improved performance.

Mowafaq Sarhan

Risk Manager

Graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Mansoura University in 1996; he has over 20 years of experience in the microfinance field. In 1998, He joined Dakahlya Businessmen Association for Community Development (DBACD), where he held more than one position within the operations department: Branch Manager, Group Lending Manger, Deputy of Operations Manager; and then he moved to the Risk Department as Deputy Risk Director for four years. He received several training courses in microfinance, and gave technical advice to one of the microfinance foundations in Sudan for developing policies and procedures in the operations department. In December 2018, he joined Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation as Deputy Risk Director. In 2020, he has promoted to risk manager position.

Loay Anwar

Administration & Procurement Manager

Graduating from the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University in 1987, he has over 27 years experience in the international NGO sector. He worked in the field of hotel Finance From 1989 till 2001. He joined Save the Children – US in Egypt in 2001 as Finance and Admin Officer. In 2012 he was promoted to Administration & Logistics Manager. In 2016 he joined Shabab Masr Association as Internal Audit Manager. In 2017, he joined Al Tadamum Microfinance Foundation as Administration & Procurement Manager until present. Throughout his career he gained extensive knowledge of various financial, logistics and security experiences. He worked in multi-cultures such as Europeans, US citizens, Arabs and Africans. He also gained considerable experience with local NGOs and CDAs .

Latest Rewards News

  • Microfinance Information Exchange, Inc. Certificate of Transparency

  • Citigroup / Sanabel Network Micro-Entrepreneurship Awards

  • Citigroup / Sanabel Network Micro-Entrepreneurship Awards 2011

  • Microfinance Information Exchange, Inc. Certificate of Transparency

  • Sanabel Microfinance Network of Arab Countries’ Performance Award

  • Grameen-Jameel Sustainable Growth Award

  • 2007, 2008 & 2009 MIX Global 100 Composite Ranking of Microfinance Institutions

  • Sanabel Micro-entrepreneur Staff Award

Performance Indicators

Al Tadamun ended 2021 with a total of 213,245 active clients with a portfolio of EGP 835,600,155 million. The quality remains strong with no portfolio at risk.

Key Growth Indicators During 2021

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Number of Staff


Number of Field Coordinators


Number of Loans Disbursed (EGP)


Number of Active Clients


Gross Outstanding Portfolio (EGP)


Outstanding Portfolio Concentrated by Governorate 2021

Outstanding Portfolio by Product

Active Clients By Governorates

Active Clients by Product

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