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A Pioneer Microfinance Foundation in Egypt

To increase the income of women micro-entrepreneurs in the various governorates in Egypt to improve their quality of life through providing access to responsible, sustainable and diversified financial services that suit their needs.


Million Client

27 Years

Supporting Egyptian Women Micro-Entrepreneurs

Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation started in 1996 as a Group Guaranteed Lending and Saving pilot project developed by the Egyptian field office of Save the Children USA, in partnership with the Women’s Health Improvement Association (WHIA), which is a local NGO. The project was designed to meet the need of underprivileged Egyptian women micro-entrepreneurs for a source of finance to set up, sustain and expand projects, thus generating more income for their families. Read More


Al Tadamun has served more than 2.2 Million clients


More than 7 billion egyptian pounds have been spent in financing since its inception


Al Tadamun has more than 115 branches in 14 governorates


Al Tadamun has more than 2,200 staff members

Our Clients

why targeting women?

  • Any improvement in a women's income is reflected in the family's income and the standard of living of her kids
  • Women constitute an unknown working class, despite their contribution in improving the income of the family
  • Empowering women and strengthening their role within the family and the society
  • Lack of available job opportunities for women to increase their income
  • In many families, women are the sole breadwinner
  • Lack of accessible financial resources that serves this segment of the society


Al Tadamun is keen to fulfill its mission by diversifying the services offered to its clients

Al Tadamun's

Since its inception in 2000, Al Tadamun has served more than 2.2 Million clients in 14 governorates.
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  • Imbaba
  • Bashteel
  • Warraq
  • Haram
  • Faisal
  • Boulaq
  • Moneeb
  • Kafer El Gabal
  • Badrasheen
  • Aoseem


  • Mataria
  • Hadaek El Kobba
  • Ain Shams
  • Marg El Qadima
  • Marg El Gedida
  • Khosos
  • Dar El Salam
  • Shobra Misr
  • Helwan
  • El masara


  • East Shobra El Khima
  • Weast Shobra El Khima
  • Banha
  • Qalub
  • El Kanater El Khairya
  • Toukh
  • El Moasasah
  • Mostorud
  • Shebeen EL Kanater


  • Shebeen El Kom 1
  • Shebeen El Kom 2
  • Menouf
  • El Bagor
  • Qwuisna
  • Ashmoun 1
  • Ashmoun 2
  • El Shohada
  • Sers Elyan
  • Berket El Sabea


  • Zagazig
  • Abo Hammad
  • Diarb Negm
  • West Zagazig
  • Faqous
  • Kafr Sakr
  • Menya El Qamh
  • El Husiniah
  • Hehya

Beni Suef

  • Beni Suef
  • wasty
  • Beba
  • Ahnasya
  • El Fashn
  • Nasser


  • Tanta
  • Zefta
  • Mahala
  • Qatour
  • El Santa
  • Kafr El Zayat
  • North Mahalla


  • Samalout
  • Maghagha
  • Beni Mazar
  • Abu Kerkas
  • Minya
  • Mealoy
  • Dair Mawas


  • El Mansoura
  • Dekernes
  • Meet Ghamr
  • El Sembelawen
  • Belqas
  • Sherbeen
  • Aga
  • Talkha
  • El gamalya
  • sandob
  • El manzala
  • Temai El Amdid
  • Menit El nasr
  • kafr el atrash


  • Dirout
  • El Qousya
  • Manfalot
  • Asyout
  • Abo teeg
  • Abnob

Al Behera

  • Damanhour
  • Itay Al Barud
  • Kom Hamada
  • Abo Hommos
  • El Mahmoudya
  • El Dalangat
  • Shobra Kheet
  • Edko
  • Abo El Matameer

Kafr Elsheikh

  • Desok
  • Byala
  • El Reyad
  • Metobas
  • El Hamoul
  • Sidi Salem


  • Kafr Saad
  • Faraskour
  • Damitte


  • Al Amrya
  • Flameng
  • Moharam Baik
  • EL Agami
  • Vectorya
  • El Mandara


We believe that failure is not an alternative to success that is why we are very proud to post some of our clients’ success stories.


Keep Going… You Will Definitely Arrive


I Accustomed to the Struggle


Ambitions & Attempts

Latest News


Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation Obtains a Credit Facility Worth EGP 80 Million From Emirates NBD

May 29th, 2024

Al Tadamun Microfinance Corporation, the pioneer in the field of financing microenterprises for women, signed a financing agreement with Emirates NBD Bank – Egypt worth EGP 80 million , with the aim of expanding financing for the microenterprise sector to support and enhance economic growth.


Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation Participates in The 57th Cairo International Fair For The Year 2024

March 27th, 2024

Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation, the pioneer in the field of financing micro-projects for women, is participating in the Cairo International Exhibition EECA EXPO 2024, which is one of the most famous and oldest international exhibitions in the Middle East and Africa region, and which is held at the Cairo International Convention Center, within the framework …

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