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Al Tadamun is keen to fulfill its mission by diversifying the services offered to its clients

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Group Loan Product

The Group Loan Product was launched in 1996, exclusively to micro-scale women entrepreneurs with small, individual, and multiple cycle working capitals to improve their enterprises.

Lending Criteria

  • Has an Egyptian nationality and a valid identification card
  • Must be 18+ years old.
  • Has an ongoing project for at least a year.

Loan Characteristics

  • Loan size per client (EGP): From 10,000 to 15,000 "Each client per group"
  • Repayment period: 16, 21, 26 payments

Individual Loan Product

The Individual Loan Product was launched in 2015 to support a diversified range of indvidual financing products.

Lending Criteria

  • Has an Egyptian nationality and a valid identification card
  • Must be 21+ years old.
  • Has an ongoing project for at least a year.
  • Has acceptable managerial skills in managing a project

Loan Characteristics

  • Loan size per client (EGP): From 16,000 to 100,000
  • Repayment period: 12 to 30 payments

Family Loan Product for Machinery - Equipment & Vehicles

The Family Loan Product for Machinery - Equipment & Vehicles was launched in March 2018. The objective of the product is to support a diversified range of equipment, machinery and vehicles, such as; sewing machines, photocopying machines display fridges, plastic cutters, tricycles, and motor bicycles. The product is based on clients’ actual needs and repayment capacity

Lending Criteria

  • Have an Egyptian nationality and a valid identification card
  • The client must be 21+ years old.

Loan Characteristics

  • Loan size per client (EGP): From 6,000 to 100,000
  • Repayment period: 12 to 30 payments

Golden Loan Product

Lending Criteria

  • Must be 21+ years old
  • Has acceptable managerial skills in managing a project

Loan Characteristics

  • Loan size per client (EGP): From 101,000 to 242,000
  • Repayment period: 12 to 30 payments

Forsa Loan Product

Forsa loan was launched in 2021 and it aims to finance active clients with machinery and equipment needed for their projects

Lending Criteria

  • She is at least 18 years old
  • An active client in the organization

Khatwa Loan Product

Khatwa loan was launched in 2023 and it aims to finance drop out clients

Lending Criteria

  • The client's age ranges from 21 to 65 years
  • An existing project for the client

Loan Characteristics

  • Loan size per client (EGP): From 10,000 to 15,000
  • Repayment period: 6 to 12 repayments

Non-Financial Services

In conjunction with the direction of Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation towards clients’complete satisfaction thus retention, Al Tadamun is committed to offering its clients the following benefits :

1. Insurance Services: Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation provides insurance coverage for all active clients as in death, the client is exempted from the rest of the installments, in addition to contributing the paid amount to their families as part of Al Tadamun social responsibility role towards the community. Also, in case of being hospitalized, Al Tadamun provides a specified amount to the client for each day she spent in the hospital, in addition to the Foundation extending the insurance umbrella to include the client’s entire portfolio. The insurance services are as follows:

  • Hospital allowance for compensating their income
  • Disability
  • Death

2. Trade Fairs: Being “customer service oriented” boils down to one idea: helping people. The core characteristics that make a company customer service oriented add up to the ability to fulfill the ultimate purpose of giving support. Therefore, Al Tadamun offers to its clients the opportunity to sell and market their products through the participation in fairs like Cairo International Fair, International Handicraft Show etc

3. Summer Trips: Based on Al Tadamun’s faith in clients’ tremendous efforts at work all year long and its belief in the importance of cutting down on stress, Al Tadamun funds summer trips to clients and families free of charge. Al Tadamun organized trips to Marsa Matrouh and Alexandria.

What do Our Clients Say?

  • 3079
    I am very happy that Al Tadamun Foundation has opened the way for us to market our products through Cairo International Fair also without any costs. We belong to Al Tadamun because we always feel supported Evoline – Al Tadamun Client
  • 2797
    I learned the skill of making wicker from my late father. We use the wicker in making umbrellas and huts for resorts. My husbands's wife is my partner, and I can cooperate with anyone honest in work Eglal – Al Tadamun Client
  • 2792
    My comfort is when I finish working the lanterns and start distributing them to the merchants, and they express to me their fascination and of course, my feeling of joy cannot be described when I see the children happy with lanterns and the streets are decorated Badreya – Al Tadamun Client
  • 2702
    16 years ago when I got married, my husband taught me to do mats with henna firewood because at that time our life was difficult and I had to help him increase our products and our income. Sahar – Al Tadamun Client
  • 2488
    Sanaa obtained Indomie Kiosk loan from Al Tadamun. She advises women “Being without a husband is not an obstacle to succeed in life. Responsibility is the biggest motive to self-achievement” Sanaa, Al Tadamun Client
  • 2447
    زينب بتنصح كل سيدة أن تتحمل دائما كل الصعاب والمحن مهما كانت، ولا تهزم من حمول الحياة وتحقق المستحيل بالصبر والإرادة القوية Zienab, Al Tadamun Client
  • 2394
    Al Tadamun made it easier for me after providing the service of installment payments through Fawry. This method is easier and saved my time for my work Noura – Al Tadamun Client
  • 2387
    I have been working for five years, and I have Coiffeur and wedding dresses store. My five years plan is to expand my project to have a center including coiffeur, dresses, accessories and a gym.  My advice to every woman is that to plan in order to catch the opportunity when it comes Eslam – Al Tadamun Client
  • 2233
    Life circumstances force any woman to work and financially support her family. Nagah- Al Tadamun Client
  • 2230
    My dream is to replace the old sewing machines with new ones operating with computers in addition to owning more than one factory. Marwa-Al Tadamun Client
  • 2226
    I have been working for more than 20 years to raise my 3 boys and help them  to enroll in the University Amal- Al Tadamun Client
  • 2223
    One of the success factors is my husband who  always stands by me Rasha- Al Tadamun Client
  • 2220
    Al Tadamun helped me  to expand my project and i like the umbrella they gifted to me. it is really useful. Al Sayeda- Al Tadamun Client
  • 2216
    I do not get exhausted by work as I really enjoy what I am doing Ateyat- Al Tadamun Client
  • 2212
    I discovered that people love pets so I established my project which strengthened and supported my. Amal- Al Tadamun Client
  • 1224
    At the beginning of my life I have learned a handicraft and stood by my husband in a supermarket hand in hand. My advice to every woman is to learn a handicraft to avoid life turbulence. Salwa – Al Tadamun Client
  • 1212
    Mamoura trip was a nice surprise also I am happy that I met new people with different ideas and thoughts, moreover I took a break from work Karima, Al Tadamun Client
  • 1194
    Who isn't working nowadays!! We need to work to earn money. Work isn't shameful. Although I faced many challenges, but I stood strong and God was beside me. Nadia – Al Tadamun’s Client
  • 1153
    My husband is a fisherman and I have a restaurant and decided to take a loan from Al Tadamun to open another branch Sabah, Al Tadamun Client
  • 1132
    My sister, son and myself are working in the production of baskets made of frond which is very interesting. Daily, we produce about 150 baskets. Karima, Al Tadamun Client
  • 1119
    I'd like to develop myself to sustain my place in the market, thats why I took a loan from Al Tadamun Foundation to expand my project Heba – Al Tadamun Client
  • 1116
    Work is not a shame and whoever has a project in mind, nothing would stop her as she can start it by taking a loan. We have to struggle in life because no one will give you any support Laila – Al Tadamun Client
  • 1067
    My husband has seven sewing machines; it is my responsibility to care about the daily work-flow as well as the ladies working with us. Our dream is expanding our business and to become a well known brand. Vevian Gamal, Al Tadamun Client
  • 1033
    I have five children and I have to pay for their expenses. I am a good cook. If a woman is talented, she has to work hard to develop her talent and definitely she will earn money Amira Salah – Al Tadamun Client
  • 1016
    Good quality of onions are exported. Egypt is wealthy with natural and human resources that need optimal utilization. Waffaa Sadek, Al Tadamun Client
  • 943
    I love sewing so much. I care about the quality and finishing for my products because these factors play an important role in clarifying the difference between good and bad products Sabah Selim, Al Tadamun Clients
  • 934
    The loan that we have taken from Al Tadamun brought luck to us, we opened our second restaurant, “Fierce competition does not make the one with the least effort survive” Soheer Goda, Al Tadamun Client
  • 513
    "I'm sure that any person can earn money but we have to be compassionate and take care of our reputation to give the most benefits to people." Waffa – Al Tadamun Clients
  • 509
    "Develop your talent and take care of your conscience in selling and buying" Aicha – Al tadamun Client
  • 507
    "It is normal to start with a small project, but you have to concentrate on innovating your products to stay competitive in the market" Sabreen – Al Tadamun Clients
  • 505
    "Any woman with limited income must know that she has a mind and hands to work with them and that God never wastes efforts" Naglaa – Al Tadamun Client
  • 503
    "Every woman has to know that she is strong, and she can work, produce, raise respectable children when she can depend on in hard times" Amira – Al Tadamun Client
  • 501
    "She who works with her own hands, will never be vulnerable" Amina – Al Tadamun client