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Life is not easy, and struggle is one of its exciting aspects, which encompasses a mixture of fatigue, hope and the pleasure of feeling achievements. A good wife does not complain of the work of her husband but the smart woman is able to play multiple roles in the life of her man; sometimes she acts as his mother and sometimes a friend, who shares his thoughts. Mai 22-year-old, Zaqaziq branch, a young mother of a five-year-old girl named Roweida, a woman who believes that marriage is about equal and complementarity responsibilities and harmony not based on rivalry and competition. Marriage is neither a company, nor a trade; it is love, cooperation, integration, shared life, and destiny.Mai, married Ahmed at an early age, who worked as a production supervisor at a detergent factory in parallel to working at home while cleaning detergents on a limited scale, and insisted on completing her diploma. When the financial burdens of their life increased, Mai encouraged him to rent a room as a small store specialized in selling detergents on retail and wholesale basis. Later on, Mai and Ahmed expanded their project and established a small factory equipped with tanks and motors.The couple got introduced to Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation during the promotion campaign of the foundation’s products. In 2017, Mai received an individual loan of EGP 12k, which helped them buy more raw materials and equipment which consequently contributed to offering more products thus expanding to the nearby areas such as Kafr Juma and Al-Shawish. As a result of the constant payment of the loan installments and the comfort of dealing with Al Tadamun employees, Mai’s loan amount increased to EGP 20k in February 2019.
Mai believes that selling products with high quality and reasonably priced are the grounds of good reputation and dreams of expanding the store and adding many products such as cosmetics, perfumes and more detergents. Mai advises any wife to help her husband no matter how bad the financial conditions and reminds her husband constantly of implying bona fides, good faith, in every job.