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Hend, 45 years, has three children in different educational stages. She was raised during her childhood with her grandfather who taught her the manufacturing of “manashat” (which is an Egyptian tool that was used in past to drive away flying insects), since she was 15 years old. In 2015, she started to work in this field to support her husband in fulfilling their living expenses after facing hard times due to the failure of her husband’s project and being stumbled to repay the installments for a loan he took from a bank.

In 2019, she was introduced to Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation from a field coordinator who was promoting in a village in Daqahleya governorate. She obtained a loan for EGP 4,000 to buy raw material for manufacturing “manashat” and she praised Al Tadamun staff for their professional customer service that encourage her to take another loan in 2020 worth EGP5,000. The second loan helped her to save the cost of the production material and produce more quantities.

She also managed to develop her product and to make it more appealing to cients. As a result, her profit increased 30% and was able to contribute with her husband in the purchase of Toktok for transporting her products to various stores and markets.

Hend’s dream is to buy a mini-bus so that she can transport her products easily all over Egypt. And she advises every woman that “the whole family should cooperate with each other because one hand is not enough, and as long as all hands are intertwined and linked you will overcome all life problems”.