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When do we want to cross to the other bank…When we feel threatened? This is not the only aspiration. Once we are motivated to achieve some ambition, we swim and challenge constraints to settle on the nearest beach for more safety and success.

Fayza, 44, married for 20 years, lived in Cairo until she met her husband and became a housewife and a mother of three children, the eldest 20 and the youngest 12. When her Husband participated in a project that was not financially rewarding, at the beginning her husband did not agree that she works as Eastern males don’t prefer gender mix. Eventually, the head of the family became in need of recalculation, especially when he found his wife with the will and desire to carry his burdens.

Fayza enjoyed an exceptional maturity and a sophisticated taste; she gained more strength that prompted her to reflect further on solving her personal problems. Her sewing talent helped her learn the production of stylish tablecloth and curtains. Later on, she started selling the products from home until she became famous in the district of Al Qanater Al Khaireyah as a result of her fine taste and the quality of raw materials, along with her friendly character that sweeps around her with kindness and love.

Fayza shared with one of her neighbors in renting a store for bedding and sheets and they named it (Nesr) which means in Arabic (Eagle). She heard about Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation from her friends in 2017. She was given an individual loan worth LE 12000. Thanks to her diligence and regularity, Al Tadamun agreed to increase the loan to 18,000 pounds in the third cycle in 2018 in order to buy two sewing machines.

Fayza hopes to enter the bedding sector from the widest doors and set up her own factory in Cairo beside her small shop. When asked about the secret of naming her shop (Eagle), she said that it is the initials of her three children. Moreover, an eagle is the icon of freedom, the vital impulse and pride; the bird eats only from its own hunting. Fayza advises any woman to pursue her ambition, to become more patient and enjoy long term vision.