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Samia, 41, married, has two sons, the older one is in university stage and the other is in high school and she has a girl in preparatory school. She married at an early age, but this is the secret of her success because her husband is very cooperative and gave her freedom to have her own project.

Samia thought of several projects such as a nursery for children and selling clothes then, she decided to learn photography and took a training course in 2001. This place teaches hand crafts or specific skills. It also funds the trainees the money to start their projects. Indeed, Samia got the training, she took the funding and rented a place in the same building that she lives in and began her journey with photography.

In 2016 Samia knew about Al Tadamun through the promotional awareness, she took her first individual loan worth L.E 12,000 to renew her studio. She also learned video filming and Photoshop program by herself. She has 8 cameras and 8 photographers are working with her. She says that the profit increases in the summer because of weddings as well as the beginning of the school year season.

Samia dreams to own (RC Camera); it is a flying camera that shoots through a remote-control unit. She said that the most important reason behind being a successful photographer for 16 years is her husband who works with her, and supports her.
She always tries to develop her work, looks for new ideas, and reads books to increase her knowledge.
Samia advises underprivileged women to invest in their ideas and to implement them.


Queen of Colors

February 14th, 2019