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Marwa, 38, has three children in different stages of education. She married at an early age and loves her husband; he appreciates her efforts and is “generous, kind and noble” as she described him.

Marwa owns a large coffee shop and buys all her needs, where she agrees with the wholesale suppliers on the drinks needed for her business. In addition to the coffee shop, she also owns a mobile phone shop at Abdel Aziz Street.

She loved her father dearly, and she used to help him out with the coffee shop since she was only 15 years old. This made her know the business inside out. After father’s death, despite her grief for his loss, she managed to manage the coffee shop with the support of her mother.

Marwa heard about al Tadamun in 2016 by one of her neighbors, and applied for an individual loan worth LE 15,000. She was able with the loan to refurbish her café and intends to open the upper floor of the cafe to provide fast food to customers.

She is thankful to her mother and her husband who are her biggest supporters in life. She stressed the fact that the reason for her success is her father’s love because he taught her the importance of working, how to manage labor and how to deal with customers. This gave her the urge to continue her father’s legacy although this type of career is more male oriented.
Marwa’s dream is to one day own her own car dealing agency!!!!


Queen of Colors

February 14th, 2019