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It is such an incomparable feeling of happiness when a girl finds her prince-charming and future husband, so felt “Hekmat” when fate bonded her with “Mohamed”. They shared common dreams and goals in life and agreed to start a project together after marriage. Men’s T-shirt factory is the dream that they had started together in 2011, and in spite of the limited resources available to them at the time, later they were able to make a success, a brand and a good reputation especially in the commercial market.

“Hekmat”, aged 29, went to school until she reached the 3rd prep, but quickly left her studies to the busy world of sewing and working with major garment factories in Tenth of Ramadan area. “Hekmat” worked very hard that she grasped the craft entirely, and became fluent in garment production with all its stages. While “Mohamed” was working as a “Fabric Cutter” or the person responsible for the cutting clothing models. So came their decision to use their talents, and work for themselves.

Production process of men’s wear continues throughout the year. First they pick the trendiest t-shirt designs from the internet. After the husband chooses fabrics necessary for the season from the wholesaler, “Hekmat” practices full supervision of the workers. The rented two-story apartment has 12 full time females working on 10 sewing machines, besides ironing worker and cloth-cutting worker. Usually they allocate January and February for the production of summer clothing, and August and September for the production of winter clothes. After all production stages end within the factory, the products are sent to a near printing house to print graphics on t-shirts. Then back again to the factory for the “Packaging” process. “Mohamed” arranges with car-renter to deliver orders to distributors in various parts of Cairo.

“Hekmat” joined Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation in 2015, the individual loan helped her to increase production. Since “Hekmat” likes to plan well for the future and hopes to have one of the leading factories in the field. She plans to allocate the next loan to buy a car for factory delivery purposes, which is followed with another loan to own a printing machine, in order to save time, effort and expenses. And thus achieves self-sufficiency and full production cycle.


Queen of Colors

February 14th, 2019