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She is a 40-year-old woman representing inner happiness, peace and hope; she gives strength and courage to those around her; she is persevering and inspiring others. Samah is a mother and wife who spent years of her life standing by her husband and worked to provide good education to three children to just living with dignity.

Standing as a damper against the fluctuations of time and facing the deterioration of the economic conditions after the 2011 revolution, Samah sought to find a job to secure the economic needs of her family. With full determination, Samah worked for three years in a workshop specialized in blankets and bedding production. This woman, eager to learn, sought to acquire the skills and secrets of the industry and then established her own workshop within the same domain.

Samah’s ambition had no limits; she applied for EGP 6000 individual loan from Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation in 2015 that increased to EGP 16,000 on her third loan cycle in 2018. With all diligence, Samah was working on expanding her working capital; whenever she got an extra income, she bought sewing machines. She currently owns seven sewing machines previously bought in addition to a machine that she lately acquired to embark on school uniform business.

Despite the prevailing belief that the youth period is the golden age of education, Samah is an exception as she chooses to expand her horizons. Thus, after obtaining the diploma of ready-made clothing department, she acquired the certificate of Thanawaiya Amma. Furthermore, she obtained a bachelor degree in commerce and is currently working on a diploma of Commerce. Meanwhile, tis strong person is aspiring to her masters and the doctorate for its strong belief in the importance of education and its good impact on business management and marketing of goods.

She aspires to buy a buttoning machine to the school uniform specialization in order to add another step to her line of production. When asked about her dream, Samah wishes to enter the major tenders of hotels and hospitals to supply beddings and curtains.

Samah advises every Egyptian woman to trust her strength and ability to face challenges, and to pursue her goals. She says: “Success comes after the moment when you decide to surrender nevertheless, you would rather keep on challenging obstacles. Even though funding might be a problem, many institutions provide financial support for women’s micro projects.”


Queen of Colors

February 14th, 2019