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He chose the easy way-out. He took the decision to leave his family not considering what might happen to his wife and children. He was selfish enough not to think about their future. Yet, he didn’t recognize up till now that he left an iron woman and great children. Badria, who’s husband left her with 5 children, was so lucky in 1993 because her neighbors supported her and told her about a near mosque that offers charity funding for single mothers. That made her start a home-based project of selling goods from home, to be her main source of living.

Badria goes to wholesalers in Downtown and Ataba, twice a month, to buy what her customers need. Her customers usually are mothers preparing their daughters for marriage. So Badria often buys household appliances, kitchenware, bedsheets and cooking pots to sell them to her loyal customers. After she decided not to deal with close neighbors because of their high expectations of Badria not to be strict during payment times.

Badria joined Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation in 2008 and was able to increase her share capital gradually. She only went to primary school, that’s why her eldest daughter helps her in recording finances. Badria successfully managed to send all her children to school, except for one boy wasn’t into learning, so she sent him to an “Alumetal Workshop” and now he owns his own workshop. Badria invested so many years of hard work and effort in her children, they rewarded her with Hajj during last Ramadan. Badria hopes someday to increase her monthly transactions up to 100 thousand pounds.


Queen of Colors

February 14th, 2019