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After her father forced her to drop out after primary school, she decided to join a sewing institute in order to make a living from a newly learnt craft. Haneya, aged 59, now owns a factory where she produces sleepwear, and distributes her products to most well-known shops around Cairo. Thereby, she was able to change the path her father had drawn for her future.

Haneya’s husband used to work as an employee in the military factories. She has two sons, the elder aged 23 graduated from the faculty of engineering, and the younger aged 21 a graduating senior at the faculty of Computer Science. Haneya started her project with two sewing machines and was distributing the products to shops in downtown.  She decided with her husband to expand the project and join Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation in 2015. The individual loan helped her in increasing production, and her husband helped in the marketing process. Now, she owns five sewing machines and recruited a total of five full time employees.

Haneya goes to El Hamzawy district weekly to buy raw material which includes fabrics, thread, and needles. She produces around 400 pieces per week. Her elder son helps her out especially at the times when she participates in exhibitions and fairs, which made her gain new clients.

Haneya dreams to export her products outside Egypt and to participate in international exhibitions.


Queen of Colors

February 14th, 2019