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A unique case and an example of determination, ambition and success in spite of all circumstances experienced by Attiyat, known as “Umm Hamada,” 54 years who has three sons and two daughters. She dropped out of school after primary school and learned to sew linen which became her passion.

She opened her first shop in the nineties but soon it was closed because of her marriage and her home duties. When her children joined school, she decided to complete her education to help her children in their studies and she was supported by her husband and her children.

She enrolled in a school near her home, and completed preparatory school and then high school. When the middle son was in his first year in the Faculty of Commerce, she was in her first year in preparation of preachers Institute and managed to complete four years successfully and then decided to return to her passion (sewing).

She started working from home and then she opened a small shop for sewing but after a short period her husband got sick and she was not able to take care of her husband and her work together. So, she decided to close her shop.

After her husband recovered, she opened the shop but then the preparation of her daughter’s marriage made her work from home once again.

In 2014 she knew about Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation and started to take a loan worth 1,500 L.E to buy some raw materials from Al Attaba and increase her productivity and her customers increased gradually. Her loan amount reached 3,500 L.E and her profits grew. So, she decided to reopen her project again and make it larger than the old one. She started


Queen of Colors

February 14th, 2019