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She spent 14 years in evening dresses embroidery. After, Rabha who aged 42, used to work in factories for a while, she decided with her friend, who produces evening dresses, that anyone of them receiving an order, her friend designs and Rabha does the embroidery. Eventually, she became one of the most important micro-businesswomen in her neighborhood.

Rabha is married with one boy aged 14 and two girls aged 19 & 12. The eldest is in the faculty of commerce and the youngest is in 1st preparatory. Despite of Rabha’s interest in educating all of her children until they finish their bachelor’s degree, she was not that lucky herself and dropped out from school after 3rd preparatory. Her husband has his own publication house. She Joined Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation in 2009. And upon loan renewal date, she heard about Al Tadamun’s new individual loan product. Thus she doubled her share capital which enabled her later in expanding her project.

Rabha works in evening dresses embroidery essentially. A total of 15 girls, work with her in the project. She usually receives up to six orders per month. She goes to El Mosky to buy the raw material such as beads, diamonds and threads. In order to market her products in a wider range, she created a page on facebook where she markets her products.

Besides, Rabha helps her husband in his publication house where they produce notebooks. A factory supplies them with the paper with large quantities and they do the cutting and folding processes. They produce around 20,000 notebooks per month. Despite of her great success, Rabha dreams to have her own shop where she can sell her products.


Queen of Colors

February 14th, 2019