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When her marriage life came to an end, Nour El Hoda did not lose her determination for success. She has two girls aged 17 & 14 and one boy aged 16. The eldest goes to the university while the youngest is in 3rd preparatory.  Nour El Hoda holds a commerce diploma.

Her project is decorating baskets and recycled products. She started her business as a hobby as she was redesigning the old products such as brooms, bed sheets, and bags. Later, when people started to appreciate her work, she decided to convert her hobby into a business.  She used the loan to buy raw material.

Nour El Hoda goes weekly to El Mounib market to buy the raw material that she uses for decorations. They include thread, needles, baskets, flowers, chiffon and satin. She works alone in the project. She produces two items per week.  Her sales depend on word of mouth and the best season for her products is during the summer. Most of her clients are new brides. And she dreams to have her own shop where she can sell her products.


Queen of Colors

February 14th, 2019