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She had a friend with whom she began her project, until each had her own separate way. And Intesar became the owner of a very successful project of lamp shades’ production. Intsar, 30, married with two boys and one girl, the eldest is 12 years and the youngest is seven years. She successfully enrolled all of her children to school and personally supervises their studies, although she dropped out from school after 3rdpreparatory. Her husband works as a driver. And this makes Intesar’s small family very productive and keen to encourage each other. She joined Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation in 2010.


Producing lamp shades starts with buying the wire and giving it to a blacksmith to shape it. Then, she covers the shaped wire with fabric and embroiders it. She visits “Ataba” and “Mosky” districts weekly to buy the raw material such as thread, beads and gallons.


A total of 10 girls work with Intesar for a wage of L.E 5 per embroidering one meter of gallon. A wholesaler visits her weekly to see a sample of the products and he places his order with specific shapes and quantities. She can produce up to 200 pieces per week. Because Intesar focuses on marketing as well, she created a Facebook page as a marketing channel. She wishes to expand her project and to have more marketing opportunities.


Queen of Colors

February 14th, 2019