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Having worked for years in a Hair Salon, marriage pushed her to leave her work in order to pursuit a happy marital life.  But after she found herself married for three years, to a man who does not care for his home or his only son, she decided to get a divorce and be more independent with her son Islam, who is in the 3rd grade.

Sahar, aged 34, received great encouragement from her family, where they all live in one building. After separating from her husband, she decided to open a hair salon and gradually included a new extension for selling clothes, toys and makeup. Sahar joined Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation, and with the help of individual loan, she successfully opened another shop for men’s wear, yet her older brother helps her in its management.

Sahar goes monthly to Haret El-Yahood in order to buy wholesale goods, but in the best-selling seasons such as Ramadan and holidays she may have to go on a daily basis. Regarding her dreams she said: “I wish to own a nice apartment where I can live with my son.” Despite the fact that Sahar did not receive education, she hopes that Islam graduates from university one day.


Queen of Colors

February 14th, 2019