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If you are on your way to school, or a father who wants to buy some sweets for his children, or a young guy whose feeling thirsty during hot days and you live in the same neighborhood where Saadia lives, then she is your savior. It has been 10 years since Saadia started to sell sweets and Soda drinks in the street, and that made her a well-known figure to her neighbors. Saadia, 75 years old, lost her husband back in 1967 and became a single parent to 3 girls.

The youngest girl was 2 years old when she lost her father. That pushed Saadia to sell vegetables in a near street-market to support her small family. And she managed to learn trading assets but in a limited way. Successfully, Saadia got two of her girls marry, yet one of them got divorced soon after, and went back to her mom’s with a little boy. After Saadia joined Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation in 2007 and took her group loan, she started selling sweets at her street.

Saadia kept her project steady up until the January 2011 Revolution, she switched back to selling vegetables because she feared losing her goods, and finally got back again to sweets after the revolution ended. Saadia dreams to get her youngest girl marry, and to perform ‘Umrah. Visit the holy lands of Mecca.


Queen of Colors

February 14th, 2019